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thegallifreyanprincess liked. But, no matter how mysterious and powerful he is, his unexplainable beauty lures even the greatest beings. . masterlist obey me valentine's day headcanons (brothers) mc never shows their legs due to random scratches and bruises (brothers) yearbook prank cuddling with the demon brothers (all brothers) mc gets cold easy (brothers) mc snaps seeing their childhood bully (brothers) mc gets cold easy pt 2 (dateables) mc is upfront about their feelings. as soon as he notices a lesser demon timidly approach you with something in their hand, hes already on alert. OBEY ME MASTERLIST. Series Part 1, Part 2. Crush My Stupid Oneshot. . . Pairing Bakugou Katsuki x Fem Reader. Notes I was given a good Idea to write about him even though I love Kiri and Shinsou Update Finally went through my drafts and finally posted this. The Obey Me Brothers An MC That&x27;s Constantly Dying Their Hair. Sep 12, 2021 Point is when someone steal your work you have the right to talk about it. 10 months ago on September 21, 2021; 141 notes.
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The banter between you two would be hilarious. . . Purgatory Hall. Headcanon. .

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